Friday, February 3, 2012

Small Bits of Food

I have a few food-related posts I want to do, but I don't really have a lot to say about each one.  So I decided to combine them all into this one post.

SuperPretzel Sofstix

These are small snack-size breadsticks with cheese stuffed inside.  The concept sounds great, after all, bread and cheese do go well together.

First disappointment: You don't get very many per package.  I think I got 12 or so.
Second disappointment: The directions.  They say to heat them in a 350°F oven for 5-6 minutes.  I preheated and popped them in for 6 minutes, then sampled one.  It still had cold spots.  To get them warm I had to double the stated cooking time.
Third disappointment: The bread tastes horrible.  The cheese is fine, but the bread just has a bad taste and outer texture.

Overall: Don't buy.  If you must, and you're preparing them in the oven, double the stated cooking time.

El Monterey Taquitos

I know I've posted in the past about switching to Jose Ole, but El Monterey is comparable in price and has a better variety of flavors.  I was specifically happy to find that Giant carried the steak ones as well as the chicken ones.  I was getting rather bored of chicken taquitos.

Then on our usual post-meeting, post-dinner Wal-Mart trip with CAINE, I walked down their frozen aisle and saw that they carried two more flavors: Southwest Chicken, and Bacon, Egg, and Cheese.  I've had both and they're awesome.  I've had other El Monterey products before (their burritos/chimichangas) and to be honest they're all great.

The Southwest Chicken taquitos just might get me back into eating chicken taquitos.  I'd never thought about coating the outside of the taquito with something before, but these have seasoning on the outside and are quite delicious.

The Bacon, Egg, and Cheese taquitos are pretty good in their own right.  They're basically miniature open-ended breakfast burritos.

Overall: Great stuff.

Totino's Pizza Stuffers

Pretty much everyone should be familiar with Totino's Pizza Rolls.  Hell, I even found them at a Chinese buffet place a few years back, which sparked a whole thing about eating them with chopsticks.  Anyway.

I happened upon these at Wal-Mart and became hooked pretty much immediately.  The size is just right, the format is just right, and the texture is just right.  It's essentially portable pizza in a nice soft crust.  My only wish is that there were more in a box.

Overall: I'll go with the theme of the second sentence in the second paragraph.  Just right.

FarmRich Mini Bacon Cheeseburgers

You're probably familiar with White Castle's burgers and how small they are, right?  Well, guess what.  These are even smaller.  Which, oddly enough, makes for better snacking.

Rather than having a patty of ground beef, they have small balls of ground beef.  It contributes to the small size and overall snack-friendly form factor.  You can just toss a few in the oven and end up with a nice snack.  To top that off, you get around 20 in a package.  In other words, there's plenty of snacking to be had.

Overall: A great way to bring hamburgers into the realm of snack food.

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