Friday, February 10, 2012

Rogue Galaxy session 2

This session can be summarized by saying that Zegram is a douchebag.

I wandered around the jungle planet for a while looking for what I needed for my ship, which was a fruit that produced an oil for the engines.  After a while of running around I got the good word passed to a rather xenophobic village and was allowed to enter, where I then had to save a girl from being sacrificed to a god to try and end some nonsense.  Zegram disappeared partway through and appeared after the big boss fight with the necessary oil ready to go.  Because of defiance of said god, the person I had been fighting with got exiled and decided to come with me.

So I now have my ranged character, Lilika.  She's pretty decent too.

After that we flew to our actual destination, the most technologically advanced planet in the galaxy.  Here my task was deceptively simple: renew the ship's galactic travel visa.  Thanks to Zegram and a stupid idol girl this led to me having to break out of jail, and then some other douchebag named Jupis, whose name is pronounced "jew piss", took over the company that houses all the computers for the galactic travel visa stuff, so I got sent there to go kill him or something.

My characters have a fair amount of abilities by now, except for Zegram, whose Revelation Flow I stopped adding items to after he started being a douchebag.  The 5-hit combo things are pretty awesome to watch.  I ultimately stopped playing when I got stuck in a room because I'm derping and can't find the factory key I need to continue.  I'm sure this will clear itself up after I get some sleep.

I didn't really set aside any time specifically to grind experience or weapon stuff, but I seem to be advancing in level quite nicely as-is.  I know I'm not overlevelled because my characters keep dying.  Sadly I'm not yet at the point where I get 100% control over who's in my party.  That and getting world map travel are always two of the more major milestones in any RPG anyway.

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