Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Season Anime

So of everything airing, I thought about watching a grand total of six titles.  I've actually watched three of them so far.

Aquarion EVOL - CAINE watched the original not too long ago.  The first episode seems up to par with what the original had, plus its own theme of keeping male and female pilots separate for whatever reason.  I've heard some people WTF at the 12000 year time difference, but if you've seen the original series, it makes sense.  In addition to being about the fight against extraterrestrials that are abducting masses of people on a regular basis, its other major theme is peoples' identities in past lives.  So basically, watch it for the mecha, random drama with peoples' powers, and orgasmic gattai.

Kill Me Baby - The comedy of this season, pretty much.  I'm tempted to say "Nichijou with assassins", and that's after only one episode.  It's pretty funny, though I'd rank it a bit below Nichijou in the grand scheme of things.  But then again, it's unfair to compare anything else to Nichijou.  Regardless, it's funny, and I'll keep watching.

Mouretsu Pirates - Basically, a girl finds out that her father was a space pirate and that she must succeed him now that he's died.  It seemed a bit slow-paced for a show like this, given that it's more than one episode she quite obviously joins up with the pirates, but normally that kind of thing happens partway through the first episode.  The OP and ED both show her wearing the pirate getup, so it's plainly obvious where the series is going.  Regardless, it seems interesting.  Might swap out for one of the other titles I'd considered, I dunno.

The rest of the titles I'd considered were more for potential fanservice value than anything else, and those series tend to suck.  I'm thinking of R-15, Sekirei, and many others here that all had potential but squandered it to prioritize fanservice.  Asobi ni Iku Yo! did it right, so why can't other series follow suit?

Typically I only watch three shows in a given season.  I've found that even the simple addition of a fourth series, perhaps carrying over from a previous season, tends to mess things up and I end up falling behind.  I managed okay when watching K-On!! alongside three other series though, so maybe I can toss something else in.  Six seems a bit much, especially considering how low on hard drive space I am.

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