Monday, December 5, 2011

Seeking a Real Solution

So I just accidentally deleted all my flash game saves again.  This so happens to include saves for Steam games written in Flash, like Machinarium, TRAUMA, and The Binding of Isaac.

I'll definitely re-hack BetterPrivacy again, but that's only a temporary solution in that it only affects me.  The real problem, as I've stated before, is that the mass deletion confirmation dialog is completely unintuitive.

This has to stop.  I've just submitted a bug report on the author's website, we'll see what happens.

Also, while it's on my mind, I'll bring it up.  Blogger really needs an easy way to cross-reference a previous post.  To do so I have to open another tab, go to my list of posts, find the one in question, copy the link, and paste it into the "create link" dialog in the post I'm working on.  There's all that empty space in the column on the right that plays home to all the post settings, they could stick it there.

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