Sunday, December 4, 2011

post-Firefox 8 update reactions

Holy crap, I can layer the tab bar over the title bar!  Space saved, plus I can have the location bar visible all the time for a net screen space usage change of zero!  *uninstalls disablemenu*

App tabs?  What are these?  *investigates*  Oh cool!  *pins GMail as an app tab, uninstalls GMail Manager*

Hmm, that orange button for the menu is a bit big, imma use Stylish and make it smaller.

Okay, I forgot, Firebug doesn't let me inspect the browser chrome.  *installs DOM Inspector*  *after four hours of pulling my hair out because I had overlooked min-width on a couple things*  There we go, 25px wide orange button!

Weird, even with all the domains involved allowed, all my external javascript on my blog isn't working...  Why's that?  *tweak miscellaneous things that don't change anything*  Well, it's not some weird obscure NoScript setting...  *on a whim, replace my dynamic script inclusion with regular old <script src=""></script> tags*  Oh hey, I could have sworn they filtered out src attributes on script tags before!  *tweak the twitter widget slightly so now there's a link to my Twitter page there if the relevant script is blocked*

Oh yeah, the status bar is now the "add-on bar" and link URLs are now shown in a manner similar to Chromium...  *hides add-on bar, removes GreaseMonkey "Link HREF in title attribute" script*

*as I'm browsing around, I notice that the stop and refresh buttons automatically swap places as need be*  For-fucking-finally!  I had to use an extension to get that on Firefox 3.6, and you only ever need to see one or the other anyway...

*goes to Google Documents*  Tell me I'm using an old browser now, bitch!

So overall it's been a positive experience.  Now to leave it running for a few days and check the memory usage...  Especially because I haven't yet watched any YouTube videos after making the switch and doing all the configuration.

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