Saturday, July 30, 2011

This Post Is About Anime

Because I haven't posted about what I'm watching each season in quite a while.  So here are some quick review blurbs about everything I'm watching, summer season or continued from spring.  I'll also include the number of aired episodes and the total number when known.

Spring Season:

Nichijou (17/26) - An absolutely hilarious comedy.  The title translated means "everyday life".  One character rides a goat to school and has a butler.  One character has a mohawk, but only because that's the only place on his head that hair will grow.  One character is a robot with a key sticking out of her back, designed by a child scientist who eats snacks all day.  I could go on, but the point is, there's a wide range of wacky characters, and the resulting show is completely hilarious.  My daily routine stops when an episode comes out.

Summer Season:

Mayo Chiki (4/?) - Main character is a guy who is constantly used as a punching bag by both his mom and little sister, who are both great martial artists.  As a result of being beaten up so much, he's developed a bit of a condition: any time he touches a girl, his nose bleeds.  One day he discovers that his school's headmaster's daughter's butler is actually a female, something she's trying to hide.  After all that exposition happens, the headmaster's daughter (who is a bit of a sadist) decides to cure him of his condition.  Cue fanservice.  Honestly it's been pretty funny.

R-15 (3/12) - The main character goes to a school for geniuses.  He himself is a genius novelist, with a slight twist: he writes romance novels.  The majority of the female cast prejudges him as a total pervert because of this, and constantly hates on him, something I think has been a bit overdone in anime.  It seems to be getting a bit better with each episode, so hopefully this trend will continue.  Also, cue fanservice, because even though the main character isn't really a pervert, he does have an imagination.

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! (3/13) - Sequel to the original.  Still funny.  Starts out with the main cast on a beach vacation, then it's back to school.  Somehow it feels a bit different than the first series.  We'll have to see how it compares.

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