Friday, July 15, 2011

Advanced Renamer 3.10 Issues Braindump

Just in case my post on the dev's forum didn't go through, I'm going to essentially recreate it here.  It'll be missing some critical information, but whatever.

So I started up Advanced Renamer today to rename some stuff, and it said at the bottom that there was an update available.  I clicked it and read the changelog and it looked like some pretty neat stuff was added, so I downloaded it and installed it.

One of the things that was changed has to do with your renaming method lists themselves.  Rather than being stored in one file, now Advanced Renamer will store them in separate files that are more easily distributable from one computer to the next.

That's relevant because it has a dialog that comes up when you run it with an old methods file in the folder that basically says "hey, we're going to convert this so it'll work".  So, I click OK.  Then I get an error that says that TFileOpenDialog only works on Windows Vista or newer.  Great.  So I can't convert my methods to the new format.

There were a bunch of new settings added, so I went to the settings dialog to check that out.  After inspecting what was available, I closed the dialog and got an access violation.  I don't remember the exact addresses, but it happened regardless of whether anything was changed, and regardless of whether I hit OK or Cancel.  There was a slightly different one that I'd get if any tab other than the very first (leftmost) one was selected, as well.

Having seen that 3.10 had some issues, I didn't feel like having it rename anything, so I clicked the X in the upper right corner to close it, and I got another access violation.

So basically, to ensure proper functionality, I've downgraded back to 3.05.  I hope these issues are fixed and that the dev doesn't just go "lol you use Windows XP" like he did for someone else posting issues with Windows 2000, which he still states compatibility with.  As much as I want to use Windows 7, it would kill this computer.

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