Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To The Stores In My Area

Please, please, PLEASE talk to your receiving staff.  They regularly abuse full pallets of incoming products that you're trying to sell.  I've noticed this mostly with the soda, but I can't rule it out for anything else, especially because I've seen abused packages of other things all over stores.

Every week I come into the store to get two or three 12-packs of Fanta Zero.  The past several weeks every single one of the 12-packs has been soaking wet.  I know that this can be caused by a single dropped package, but it makes the rest undesirable to purchase, as there is little to no way for the consumer to figure out which package is the damaged one before purchasing.

Even if you pick up the 12-pack and try to squeeze all the cans, this still doesn't work 100% of the time.  A representative from Coca-Cola did just that for me at Kroger last Thursday.  Today I open the first of those 12-packs to find that all the cans are covered in Fanta.  Going through the pack (which was still wet), I found two cans that weighed approximately a third of what they were supposed to weigh, yet both were completely sealed.  I poured out the two light cans and cleaned off the rest, but I shouldn't have to do that.

I have seen 12-packs on the shelf at Giant that have been taped closed.  This means that someone on receiving staff abused it so much that it opened up and cans came out.  Then they just put all the cans back in and tape it closed with packing tape and put it on the shelf like it's a saleable product.

What I'm asking is simple, and straightforward.  Make sure your receiving staff don't abuse products.  It will lead to a loss of revenue.  Being that all America cares about is money, that should be important to you.

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