Friday, November 19, 2010

[subfiXT] Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

I got annoyed enough at some of the stuff in the crunchyroll subs that everyone seems to be using for Panty & Stocking to fix the scripts myself and make patches available for anyone else who's annoyed.

The primary thing that annoys me is that pretty much every time Panty refers to Stocking by name, instead of subtitling it as Stocking they subtitled it as Stockin'.

The other thing that annoyed me is quite probably specific to the group whose CR rips I'm downloading, Underwater.  Episode 6 had a line of dialogue missing, that was present in the CR subs.  I took the opportunity to add it back in.  I know it was there because every week we watch it on CR at a friend's place.

How did I do all this?  It's simple really.  You need Aegisub for loading the script from the .mkv and editing it, and mkvmerge to remux the .mkv with the edited subtitles in place of the original subtitle track.  To make the patches, xdelta3 is used.  Coincidentally, xdelta3 both makes and applies the patches.

Fortunately, as I said above, I've already made the patches.  Since it's just a script change, a relatively small portion of the file is different from the original, and thus a patch is far easier to distribute than the full modified file.  Let alone the six of the (currently) seven episodes out currently that needed fixing.  Episode 1 needed no fixes at all, and episode 6 wouldn't have needed any if it weren't for the missing line of dialogue.

I unfortunately don't have any comparison screenshots, but if you've been putting up with the way it was, you won't need to hunt and peck for the changes.  That and I'm kind of a completionist and as such would need to screencap from crunchyroll to complete the screenshot comparison for episode 6, but I really don't feel like going there to try and see if I can load it up without having to part with money.

I'm aware that episode 8 comes out later today.  The archives linked to below obviously won't contain any necessary script fixes for it until after I download it and see what needs fixing.  I guess this'll be a weekly thing where I post the patch for each episode as needed.  Even though honestly I don't want to have separate archives for each week, it'd possibly be annoying to have to re-download all the patches just to get the one you're interested in.

Here are the download links.  I offer you two varieties of fixes:
[Download] xdelta3 patches: download patch, patch files, delete originals, you're good to go, forever (xdelta3 included in archive for convenience)
[Download] .ass files: less time-consuming up-front, but if your player sucks and won't load them with the video it might not work.  Also not a permanent fix.

Those archives will be expanded as necessary to include the rest of the fixes.

As for the tag I chose, [subfiXT], it's "subfixed" changed to have XT in it.  But you knew that.

Also, don't count on me doing this for any other series, whether past, present or future.  I'll only do this for a series if I'm watching it and I'm annoyed by some part of the subtitles.  Edit: No guarantee on timeliness either.

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