Thursday, November 11, 2010

Playing Around With the 2010 Guild Wars Halloween Costumes

I know this is late.  For monetary reasons that ended up not actually existing, I didn't buy the 2010 Halloween Costume set from the in-game store until mid-afternoon yesterday.  So, let's play with costumes, shall we?

That picture is a screenshot I took during the very first Halloween event, all the way back in 2005.  I actually used it as a wallpaper for a while.  Playing with costumes after the break.

For the uninformed, costumes in Guild Wars are extra, optional bits of equipment worn over your regular armor.  While wearing the costume, you still have all your normal armor bonuses and whatnot, which means you can wear them into combat with no problems.  You have two costume slots, one for the headpiece, and one for the rest of the outfit.  You can mix and match between available headpieces and outfits as much as you see fit.  Costumes can be recolored using the game's dye system, so if the default colors don't please you, you can play around with it.  All halloween costumes shown in this post are using their default colors.

This set of costumes are without a doubt the most intricately designed thus far, and both of them have three pieces, meaning that with each one you have an option as to how exactly it looks.  Previous costumes just had an outfit and a headpiece and that was it.

First up is my personal favorite, the Raiment of the Lich.  It consists of one outfit and two headpieces.

The screenshot on the left shows the Cowl of the Lich headpiece, and the Aspect of the Lich headpiece is on the right, zoomed in a bit so you can see the eyes.

I immediately customized the headpiece on my necromancer, swapping it out for one of the ones given out at the end of the event this year, the Furrocious Ears.  Twin tails + nekomimi FTW.  I don't actually have a screenshot of the other event headpiece for this year, the Spectercles.  They're basically goggles, worn over your character's forehead.  And yes, the goggles do nothing.

Next up is the Lunatic Court Finery.  This one... just isn't as good as the Raiment of the Lich.  The headpiece is awesome but the rest just sucks.

It may look fine in that screenshot, but move around to look at the back, and...

AAAAAAAAAAAA!  If it weren't like that, I'd almost like the female version.  The Lunatic Court Finery, instead than having two headpieces like the Raiment of the Lich, it has two outfits.

Headless version!  Note how the flame from the headpiece stays there even with the headless version equipped.  For the right-hand screenshot, I hid the headpiece.

Since the costumes are different per gender, let's take a look at the male Raiment of the Lich on my dervish.

It isn't too much different from the female version, save for the goat legs.  The headpieces are exactly the same.  Next up is the male Lunatic Court Finery on my paragon, which is thankfully a bit more normal in comparison to the female version.

I'm using it like shown in the right-hand screenshot.

Here's the back.  Much better.

As I mentioned above, you can mix-and-match.  Here's a shot of my elementalist doing just that.

Closing with some unrelated costume fun, here's my ranger's costume.

The outfit, Dwayna's Regalia, was released last Wintersday, and normally comes colored white.  I dyed mine red because when combined with the Yule Cap from the first Wintersday event back in 2005, you can make your character look like Santa.  People have actually recognized me as such in-game.

Perhaps that costume is more suited for this environment instead?

P.S. Tell me what all the screenshots (except the last one) have in common that wasn't mentioned, and you get a cookie.  An internet cookie.  As in, I'll send you a GreaseMonkey script that sets a cookie on your computer every time you visit this blog, that will be used by this blog to tell you that you got a cookie.

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