Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Going up in resolution

I was playing around with the nVidia Control Panel and discovered that my monitor can run 1280x960@70Hz in 32-bit color, even though it doesn't advertise so and even says "New Mode" in its OSD when I play with the controls.

Previously I'd thought that this monitor (an old Dell E771p) couldn't do more than 900 lines above 60Hz.

I'd go to 1600x1200@60Hz, but I can see 60Hz refresh.  It's not pleasing to the eye or the stomach.

This raises an interesting dilemma for this blog.  Specifically, how I use the "wall of text" tag.  I've been basing it solely off of the height of the post content sans images.  If I had to scroll to view all of the post content, it got the tag.  I never defined it, but basically there was a reference height in pixels that if the post was taller than it, I would slap on the tag.  Well, that reference height just changed.

I think I'll just bump my use of the "wall of text" tag up to more than a screenful at my new resolution.  I'm not going to go back and mess with previous posts, even though the new reference height makes some of them not qualify for the tag.

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