Monday, March 22, 2010

GH Controller Autopsy

I decided to see what exactly the issue was, so I opened it up.  See if you can see what's wrong from this photo.

If you don't see it, here it is again, this time cropped to show what's actually relevant.

See that one pad that's separated from the rubber piece?  That's it.  That pad was beneath the blue button.  When I removed the rubber piece and touched that pad, it fell out.  To make things worse, the ones that correspond to red and yellow are about to do the same.  I don't think this is easily fixable.  My initial instinct was to try and tape it back on, but due to the design of the rubber piece it would be very difficult and would still lead to errantly registering button presses.

Long story short: I need a new controller.  Only problem: No money.  Other circumstance: At this point if I do get another controller it won't be until after I obtain an Xbox 360, and I will obtain said controller with the 360 full band version of one or another GH game.  I need a console from this generation, and even though PSN is free, Xbox Live does it better.  I'll have to get used to a different star power button location and feel, but...  I'm reasonably used to the open notes and extended sustains, so I can adapt.

So, yeah.  Guitar Hero withdrawal is a bitch.  I want to play so many songs...

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