Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bravely Second: BP Battery

After having fumbled around with some of the BP gain options and not really finding anything, I eventually tried a variant of a setup from Bravely Default, which works quite well.  This setup uses the Red Mage's support ability BP Recovery to give party members 4 BP per turn, by having a Patissier inflict status effects on the party.

This setup can be used to get a 99 victory streak and is great for farming money and getting bestiary completion.  It needs a fair amount of job levelling to put together, and can only be set up once you get to Chapter 5 and do the side quests.  So, here we go!

Here is the setup for the BP Battery.  As you can see, I have it set up on Tiz, but it doesn't matter who you set it up on.

Running through each of the support abilities in use and explaining what they do for us:
  • BP Recovery: The crux of the whole thing.  Don't leave home without it.
  • Waste Not: Even though it never pops up at the bottom of the top screen when using Patissier abilities, it most certainly does apply to the usage of items to fuel those abilities.  Reducing our item usage means we have to spend less money to fuel the build.
  • Items for All: This is necessary to make the Patissier abilities group target, so we can hit our entire party with a status effect.
  • Status Ailment Amp: Without this, the chance that your Patissier will fail to inflict a status effect on at least some part of the party will be much higher.
  • Speed 20% Up: We always want the BP Battery to go before anyone else in the party.
Because this setup depends on BP Recovery, you will want to make sure that everyone has it set in one of their support ability slots.  As far as the rest of their support abilities are concerned, here are some recommendations:
  • Multitask: A chance of extra attacks adds to overall damage.
  • Barrage: Since you'll be attacking a lot in a single turn, this will increase damage output.  Works quite well with Multitask.
  • Pierce Default: Depending on where you are, some enemies will use Default.  Set this support ability so that you can deal normal damage to them.
  • Redoubled Effort: Your attackers will be gaining BP before taking their respective turns, so this will lead to increased damage output.
  • P.Attack 20% Up: More damage output.
  • More Money: 1.5x the usual amount of money from enemies.  Stacks with the victory streak bonus and the Golden Egg accessory.
  • Whisker Sense: An extra 5% chance of gaining 1 BP before battle.
  • Precognition: Prevent enemies from getting first strike and ruining your victory streak.
Equipment and job setup doesn't really matter much on the rest of the party, as long as you have a setup that can reliably kill enemies in one turn.  I recommend using regular attacks, just so you don't have to replenish MP.  I personally use Hawkeyes, performing regular attacks with firearms.  As you might expect, you'll want the highest damage weapons you can get your hands on.  I use the Guncleaver from the shop in Chompshire.

The only other thing worth caring about are your characters' accessories.  There are two worth bringing:
  • Golden Egg: Twice the pg gains, but no XP or JP.  Stacks with the victory streak bonus and the More Money support ability.
  • Venture Badge: An extra 10% chance of gaining 1 BP before battle.  These stack with each other, giving you a very good chance of getting an extra BP.  You get one of these from a chest, the rest you'll have to steal from Imperial Spear Vans in Chapter 5+.
It's important to note that since we're using regular attacks to kill enemies, we'll be using Silencing Soufflés to inflict Silence upon ourselves, which will not hurt our damage output in any way.  If you're using magic instead of regular attacks, you'll want to inflict Blind with the Blinding Biscuit instead.  I'm covering the setup I use, so from here on out I'm only going to mention Silence.

Turn setup:
  • BP Battery:
    • Brave
    • Abilities → Confection → Bon Appétit → Status Afflicting → Silencing Soufflé, target All Allies
    • Abilities → Miscellany → Mimic, press R to do it three times
  • Everyone else:
    • Attack, press R to do it four times
How it works:
  • BP Recovery will give each character it's set on 1 BP every time we inflict Silence on ourselves, even when it's already there.
  • Items for All makes the Silencing Soufflé target the whole party, giving everyone 1 BP per use.
  • Waste Not and Mimic combine to reduce item usage to approximately 12.5% of what it would otherwise be.
Other notes:
  • The reason for all the boosting of our chance to gain BP at the start of battle is simple: even with Status Ailment Amp set on the BP Battery, the chance of inflicting Silence is still not 100%.  Having a decent chance at getting an extra BP will cover for the occasional failure to inflict Silence more often than not having this decent chance.
  • Use this setup with More Money and a Golden Egg to farm pg.  While it can be used to farm XP, it's suboptimal for farming JP since you'll have to rotate who the BP Battery is periodically.
  • This setup also makes grinding Bestiary completion pretty easy.
  • Some areas have enemies with really high P.Def that can bring an early end to your victory streak.  If your only goal is to farm pg or XP, try to choose an area that lacks these enemies.
  • The items we need to fuel our Patissier are very inexpensive and easy to buy 99 of.  Even without More Money or a Golden Egg, this setup will easily pay for itself, and can be used to fund the purchase of a Golden Egg.
I will have a second post coming soon detailing a pretty quick Chapter 5+ JP grinding setup, so stay tuned.

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