Thursday, November 17, 2016

Wii Fit U, six months in

Just like last month where I lost 14 pounds, I got the complement of 16 this month in order to get that extra ten pounds.  I'm now 80 pounds down, and have 20 to go until I reach my Scientifically Determined Ideal Weight™, which is of course what I will weigh if I can get my BMI to 22.00.

Anyway, descriptions of things and general complaining and whatnot after the break.

There were a few changes that I made in the last month.  The first being sort of a hack: I reduced my food intake slightly.  This had the effect of making my weight losses a bit more consistent, as I'd had several instances of being the same or ever so slightly above or below the previous day's weight and it was beginning to annoy me.

The second was a lot more of a necessity: I noticed that I was struggling to burn 200 calories in my 1 hour of Fit Credits.  Up until this point I'd been used to hitting the 230 mark on a regular basis.  So I went into my routine and made things a bit more intense.  Their calorie estimates are very off, though, because the changes I made added 19 calories to the figure it provides, yet I went from struggling to get to 200, to getting 250-260.  Not complaining, but the discrepancy is notable.

More of my walk is now a run.  I have the entire first lap as a run, and I'm about an eighth or so of the way through converting the second lap.  Also, because my walk/run/whatever it is now was taking significantly less time than it used to, I added a fifth lap of walking.

I guess my pre-MAGFest goal needs to change, being that I said it was 80 pounds down.  I'll stick to the whole "10 pounds a month" thing and go for 90 pounds down.  It'd be neat to be 100 pounds down and at BMI 22 before MAGFest, but I think that might be pushing it a bit.  I will refer back to what I said going into all of this: "I'll take what I can get.".

I will eventually have to worry about winter weather.  Running in snow and ice is generally a no-no, and Wii Fit U just doesn't have the same calorie-per-hour capability.  Nowhere near it, in fact.  I'm going to have to come up with a solution, because it's gonna snow at some point, pretty much guaranteed.  Shovelling the snow would be a good substitute, but once it's done, it's done.  Other people do shitty shovelling jobs and can't be trusted to not leave a thin layer of ice on their sidewalk.  Others irritatingly think that doing more than a single shovel's width is unnecessary.  These people tend to own really small shovels.

Also, I didn't realize that I had so much fat on my wrists and hands.  Apparently my body decided that needed to be burned.  My watch band is one of those non-resizable velcro ones, and is too long for my wrist.  My hands are now ice cubes pretty much all day every day, instead of just when it's cold outside.  Along with having burned just enough fat off of my ass that it's now uncomfortable to sit down on a non-padded chair, and I'd swear my body is out to annoy me as much as possible.  This is the thanks I get for removing your burdens, body?  How about this: burn the gut already and we'll call it even.  I'll try the few Large shirts I have if you get rid of the gut...

...okay, now I'm in the Bargaining phase.  Whatever.  Anyway, because it doesn't feel right concluding the post without an image or two, here's the most recent milestone I hit.

Yeah, I'm no longer above the "overweight" line drawn in the sand.  Hitting this milestone and finding out I was 80 pounds down both happened on my birthday.  I'll take that.  Wii Fit U does depressingly little for your birthday, but I did find this:

Honestly, I enjoyed the special birthday Wii U home menu graphics and music a lot more than a single birthday hat.

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