Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wii Fit U, five months in

Still going strong.  I'm down by 64 pounds at this point.  It looks like I'm plateauing, but I'm not really.  I'm having fewer random weight gains, and to go along with it, the weight losses are also getting smaller.  However, I'm still losing about the same amount per month.  So, there's still confidence.  The plateau will come eventually, don't get me wrong, but hopefully not for another month or two.

My pre-MAGFest goal is 80 pounds down, which is more than achievable at my current rate of weight loss.  Honestly, I might be able to get closer to 90 if things work out right, which would be amazing since the magical 22 BMI that Wii Fit U says is ideal is pretty much exactly 100 pounds down for me.  Let's do things differently and stick the picture of my last month's graph up here instead of down at the bottom!

Graph showing weight fluctuations for the last month

And now, how about a jump break!  Look at me!  It's almost like I'm a real blogger!

Still transitioning my walk to a run.  I'm just past halfway in the first lap currently, which is just after scaling the steepest part of the big hill.  Soon I'll make it the rest of the way up the hill, and as the good saying goes, "it's all downhill from there".  Basically, I think I have a decent chance of making it back around to the end of the lap if I can make it to the top of the hill.  In case that isn't feasible, though, I've already picked out a couple landmarks to stop at.

I went out and bought some athletic clothing, which is helping tremendously.  I got a pair of pants and a pair of shorts, both polyester and advertising the "moisture-wicking" thing that everyone's talking about.  Does it work?  Well, given that my legs are dry after the walk instead of sweaty, I'd say yes.  I also bought a pair of sports earbuds, that have a bit that goes behind your ear so they stay in place while you're doing your thing and sweating up a storm.  Listening to music is helping me track the passage of time, which means I'm no longer having trouble remembering which lap I'm on.  Obviously it's a delicate balance, because I need the volume to be loud enough that I can hear the music, but at the same time, quiet enough that I can hear cars.  I think I've got it dialed in.

Also, as one might expect during this part of the year, it's getting cold.  My original reason for walking late at night was because it was cooler out, but that was during the summer when it was hot and humid whenever the sun was up.  Now that it's fall and cooling off dramatically, I've had to shift my walk to around mid-day to get it done in reasonable temperatures.  Either that, or I need some long-sleeved shirts.

I'll probably do both, and try the 2 AM walk in the 40 degree weather (this is Fahrenheit, obviously, for the random odd European who's just stumbled across my blog and is wondering what I'm on about) once just to see what happens.  I mean, I have sweatshirts, but it's easy to over-insulate.  Before resorting to a sweatshirt I definitely want to try something made of a lighter material.  Also, none of my sweatshirts would make me very visible late at night, whereas my t-shirts are white and reflect light quite well.  Perhaps I should look into getting a reflective vest if I plan to continue doing this stuff at night.

I got around to checking the Daily Log on my Wii U, which keeps track of the amount of time each software title has been running for.  Keep in mind that this is total runtime, which reflects things not included in my Fit Credits, such as menu navigation or doing the Body Test.  Wii Fit U is my most played title by far with around 240 hours.  Mario Kart 8 is in a distant second with about 47 hours.  Everything else is less than that.  My Mii will pretty much always be saying "Been playing: Wii Fit U" when I turn on my Wii U.

Going back to the subject of MAGFest, there's two things on my mind.  One, it will be the first break that I'll take from Wii Fit U and working out every day, and part of me is considering making use of the hotel's fitness facilities anyway.  Two, I only see the other staffers that I work with at MAGFest, and thus haven't seen them since last February.  Their memory of me will be a much larger me than the me that will be standing before them in January, so I need to try and prepare myself for some reactions.  I'm not terribly concerned about food, because the staff suite has always been pretty good on that front in the past and it's easy to stay inside the hamster habitrail for the entire weekend.

I do have plans to do a series of posts about the food I'm eating, because all I've really been mentioning so far is the exercise.  Diet is the other half of weight management, and I'm doing quite well at it while continuing to eat things I enjoy.  Expect these future posts to be picture-supported, since I have a somewhat decent camera now.  Heck, I even have a light I can use to eliminate "phone shadow", which is why I haven't already done this series of posts.  It's one of those lights that purports to provide all the same frequencies of light as the sun or whatever.  I can't really vouch for that, but what I do know is that it's a clean and bright light, and it will do a good job of making my pictures look better.

It just feels wrong to conclude this post without an image, so have one of the entire history of my BMI up until this point.  This should bring things into perspective.

BMI graph showing how far I've come since the middle of last May

I ain't gonna be a fat 'Murican much longer if I can help it.

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