Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I also have a Wii U now

So a while back I was tweeting about it, and I finally ordered from Amazon.  It seems to be impossible to find just the base Wii U console these days, but I did find a bundle that included Mario Kart 8 with a code for its two paid DLC packs.  While I do intend to play that, and get Super Mario Maker as well, the primary purpose I purchased it for was Wii Fit U.

I basically haven't been physically fit for a long time now, and it's time I did something about that.  I figure combining my love of video games with my desire to lose weight can only be a good thing, so we'll see how it goes.  I'm still a bit leery of a video game controller that I stand on that isn't a soft plastic DDR mat, but hey, it says it can support up to 330 pounds.  I just have to hope I'm not that much of a fatass.  I haven't weighed myself in at least a decade, so who really knows how much I weigh?

Looking at some of the pictures of people using the balance board, it doesn't seem like they're putting their full weight on it very much anyway.  So perhaps I don't really need to worry too much.  (post-playing-Wii Fit U-update: I no longer worry.  It's quite hefty and well constructed.)

I know, I know, exercise is only one part of physical fitness, the other part being diet.  However, I'm a programmer.  My brain is wired with an engineering mindset.  I'm built to troubleshoot, and the only way to see what's going to work in any situation is to change one thing at a time.  Otherwise, you won't know what worked.  I'm taking that very same iterative approach here.  My goal is to hopefully get fit while sacrificing relatively little in terms of what I enjoy eating, but that's the American dream (lol "muricans r fatasses" stereotype) and it isn't always feasible.  All I can say is, we'll see.

Other than the aforementioned copy of Super Mario Maker, and maybe Smash Bros., I don't really have any idea what I'm going to get for it.  There's the inevitable eShop purchases, what with the Virtual Console being a thing and all.  Smileboom has a version of SmileBASIC planned for the Wii U, so I'll probably grab that.  If WayForward ever releases Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, I'll probably get that.  There's also the Wii eShop and Chrono Trigger on Virtual Console.

One issue that's going to be annoying for a little while is how the console has an AV Multi Out port on the back, but only comes with an HDMI cable.  While I do have access to an HDMI-equipped setup to plug it into, I'd be able to use the console a lot more freely if I had a regular old RCA audio/video cable.  Then again, one of the Wii U's selling points is that you can play games purely from the tablet controller while the TV is used for other things entirely, so we'll see how much mileage I can get out of that.

Overall, happy with my purchase and so forth.

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