Sunday, May 22, 2016

Holy crap, why was this so difficult

So, all I wanted was the dimensions of the default wallpapers in Android 5, so I could prepare images from my computer to be wallpapers on my shiny new android smartphone.

All it had to do was cough up the numbers.  I already forced it to cough up the single-screen wallpaper dimensions by way of taking a screenshot, which is also similarly hidden (on my phone, press and hold both Power and Volume Down).

For the wallpaper that pans, though, I had a hunch which ended up being close to correct, but it was a lot harder to get it to cough up the numbers.  Just eyeballing it based the scaled-down version of a 1000x1000 image, looking at how it wanted to crop it to make a panning wallpaper, I estimated 120px extra on each side for the panning, it ended up being 240px extra on each side.  This is the portrait-mode screen width multiplied by two, which in retrospect I should have expected.

For starters, you can't just find a folder on your phone's internal storage with the default wallpapers.  They can't possibly be bothered to make it that simple.  No, instead you have to set an image as your wallpaper that requires cropping, so the Gallery application will do the cropping before it gets set as your wallpaper, and then use a third-party application to dump it via Bluetooth to your computer, where you can then just look at the damn dimensions.

So, for future reference, on my LG L33G/LG L33L/LG Sunset LTE, the single-screen wallpaper is 480x854, and the panning one is 960x854.

Also, in case you're reading this and are having similar troubles with a different phone that possibly uses a different resolution, the application I used to dump my current wallpaper via Bluetooth is Wallpaper Saver on the Google Play store.  It has a lot of other options, and Gallery is irritatingly not in the list, but thankfully Bluetooth is.  Don't use the other application with this title, that one has in-application purchases and requires superfluous permissions.  The one I linked to only requires storage access so it can get at the wallpaper, which is really all it should need.

On second glance, it seems to dump the wallpaper to the Gallery in the process of sending it elsewhere, even if the send fails.  So, if you don't want to post it on the internet, you can probably finagle one of the options into running just long enough for it to dump the wallpaper to the Gallery and then fail the transfer.

Anyway, now that I have that crucial bit of info (as well as the aspect ratio, which is arguably more important), I have some image editing to do.

In other news, it looks like my only root option might be KingRoot, and then going through some steps to swap it out for SuperSU.

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