Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bravely Second: Chompcraft Efficiency

I will admit up-front, I gathered data for lower upgrade levels as I worked my way through, but I never actually wrote it down, and then promptly forgot it once I'd upgraded everything all the way.  So, if you're working your way through, sorry about that.  This post will still contain applicable information, you'll just have to figure out the specific numbers for your current upgrade state on your own.

So, first up, the temporary tool upgrades.  Once purchased from the shop, they can be activated for a price that changes with each tier.  The following table only shows cumulative price in the rightmost column, so it should be pretty easy to calculate your maximum activation price for whatever your tool upgrade tiers happen to be.

TierScissorsFillingGluePaintbrushTotal activation cost
All tools, this tier
Total activation cost
This tool, max tier

Next up, the snack time bonus is key to getting good sell prices, as it boosts all your tools' stats.  Either the stated percentage is off or I'm doing the math wrong, though.  I don't know which is which, but it doesn't matter.  The gotcha is that the higher you've upgraded your Snack Time bonus, the longer it takes to activate, as the game animates more and more snacks piling up in front of people.  A general rule of thumb is to add one second to the Snack Time level, indicated by the number of stars on the button.  At maximum, this means activating when the production timer hits 7 seconds to go.

Got all that?  Good.  Now, it's time to get into a rhythm, which is important for optimal production.  If you don't have everything maxed, the key is to find a cycle that works, given the stats you get when everything's active.  You want Snack Time to recharge with relatively little time left before the next time you use it.  Don't fall into the trap of immediately activating it as soon as it's available, you can get more out of it by activating it closer to the end of the production timer, as suggested above.

So, the rhythm with max temporary tool upgrades and max Snack Time is as follows:
  1. Start Chompcraft.
  2. Buy 5 levels of each of the tool upgrades, starting at 7 seconds left on the production timer.  You should end up making batches of 4 every 15 seconds.  The Snack Time gauge should charge close to or at the end of the batch.  The rareness levels of the chompers you make affect how quickly Snack Time charges, so you may end up having to sell an extra partial batch after the first full one on some occasions. Don't continue to the next step until Snack Time is ready to go and you've just sold a batch.
  3. When the production timer ticks down from 8 seconds remaining to 7, activate Snack Time.  Snack Time should finally activate while there's 1 second left on the production timer.
  4. Quickly buy all the temporary tool upgrades that you have available while waiting for Snack Time to activate.
  5. When the production timer gets to 1 second left, tap that Sell button like a madman until it becomes enabled and you sell the first full batch with no time deducted from the Snack Time timer.
  6. Repeat step 5 until you've sold four full batches.  The fourth should happen while the Snack Time timer says there are 2 seconds remaining, or thereabouts.
  7. Let the temporary tool upgrades run out.  During this time, you should produce 20 more chompers.  Snack Time should recharge sometime before you hit 24.
  8. When you hit 24, sell the batch, and repeat from step 3.
  9. When you've had your fill of Chompcraft, sell whenever Snack Time isn't active and exit.  I recommend waiting until the end of the batch after the four full batches in a row.
Like I said, with lower upgrade levels, the numbers will have to be tweaked, but this is the general rhythm you want to be in.  Don't bother trying to keep the temporary tool upgrades active at all times, it's not worth it.  Stacking the Snack Time bonus with the four temporary tool upgrades seems like the best way to get chomper points to me.  If there's another, better way to do it that's as consistent as this, I'd love to hear it.

Good luck, and may there be many Triple Quadcolors in your future.

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