Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I'm Free!

So, the past few months, there was something I had to do nearly every day that took a good portion of my time.  As of a couple days ago, I no longer need to do this thing, and as a result I have a lot more free time.  Maybe I can use this free time to get a job and end my society-perceived uselessness?  Dunno.

Anyway, the thing I had to do was take care of the dog.  She had bladder cancer and had to be let outside on a very regular basis or she'd end up going in the house.  My days were basically: get up, take care of dog until mom gets home, small bit of free time until dinner, eat dinner, free time until I go to sleep around 2-4AM.  It wasn't the majority of the time it took, but it was significant, and it kinda drained on me.

Now that the dog had to be put down (mom never said what led to them taking the dog to have her put down, I never asked, it happened while I was asleep), I have these hours of free time back again.

I mean, sure, it's sad the dog's gone.  I'll accept that.  However, thinking logically, which is what I do, taking care of her was a burden and now that burden is gone.

So basically, fuck you, I'm going out for lunch now that I can.  This Visa gift card isn't going to spend itself.

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