Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ridge Racer 3D: Duplicating Duels (Simpler Method)

So, a while back when I posted that other post, I had this really long and complex method to duplicate a StreetPass Duel that involved backing up data on the SD card and game title IDs and all kinds of nonsense.  The bonus points duplication was far simpler and therefore the preferred method.

Well, I'm an idiot.  Duplicating a duel is, in fact, just as easy as duplicating the bonus points.  You do, in fact, get to a point where you have completed the duel, but the game hasn't deleted it yet, and it politely waits for your input before actually deleting it.  So, without further ado, the method!
  1. Start up Ridge Racer 3D once you've gotten some StreetPasses for it.
  2. Go to Single Player → StreetPass Duel, get your bonus points, and then hopefully also a duel or two.
  3. If you got a duel, race it, and win so you get the points.
  4. Once you finish the duel, there will be a screen saying "you finished first!" and showing you the points you just earned.  Press A.
  5. The game will now save, which credits you with those nice juicy points you're after.
  6. Next up is a dialog that basically says "okay, we're just going to delete this now...".  Pressing A here causes the duel to be deleted.  So don't press A.
  7. Press HOME instead, and close the game.  Repeat the process from step 1 and the duel will still be there, because the game never had the chance to delete it.
See?  It's that simple.  Unfortunately, it's still faster in terms of points gained per minute to duplicate the bonus points instead, especially if you have a full queue of 8 StreetPasses, where you'll get 16000 points per duplication.  But it doesn't have to be as complicated as I initially made it out to be.

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