Monday, March 24, 2014

On The Final Stretch

As the title suggests, things are winding down in my quest to obtain a fully maxed out save on my SNES cartridge of Chrono Trigger.

Earlier tonight I completed the Northern Ruins/Hero's Grave side quest for the fourth time, and coincidentally, got my fourth Moon Armor.  Now that I have all the equipment I was after, the only thing left to do is to max out people's stats.

Since I've been working on that all along, there really isn't much left.  Frog and Ayla need to get up to 99 Magic, and once I reach that point I'll have enough Power Tabs as a byproduct of beating Spekkio over and over (reward: 10 of each tab and 10 MegaElixirs) that I can uselessly max out Marle and Lucca's Power.  Since everyone else maxes Power through levelling up, I've just been using Power Tabs on Marle and Lucca the entire time thus far.

Once I'm done, I think I'll skip Radical Dreamers entirely and move straight to Chrono Cross.  Unlike with Chrono Trigger, I've never actually beaten Chrono Cross.  I've never even gotten to the second disc.

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