Friday, January 8, 2010

i has cell phoen

But I'm not giving the number out to just anyone.

It's a Tracfone, so text messages cost me minutes. I.e. if I give you my number don't fucking text me. The phone itself is a Motorola w260g. Nice sleek black flip phone. No camera, but if I wanted a camera, I'd go buy a fucking camera.

Next step: get a job so I can buy a double minutes card and one of those 1 year/400 minute cards. Added in the right order I'll have a year of service and 800 minutes.

Can I still say "you kids and your cell phones"? I only ever really said that when people were talking about using cell phones do do things that pre-existing technology could already do.

Also when I got back from MAGFest I bought another bottle of rum. Rum is goooooooood.

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