Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Google Maps directions fail: Updated!

Since Sakura Matsuri is approaching and CAINE will be going again, naturally I remembered the previous troubles I've had with Google's directions to the Vienna/Fairfax-GMU Metro station. So I re-searched the directions and lo and behold, they've updated them. Here's the brand new picture.

They're still not correct, but they're better. They still insist on directing you to the station itself, which as I've previously stated (and is evident from the map) is in the median of I-66. This means that the directions just sort of leave you on I-66 should you actually follow them. At least now they tell you to get off at Exit 62, and any moron can read signs and see that you just make a simple right turn to get to the metro station, rather than the endpoint directions given. The final destination is Saintsbury Dr., which can be reached without even touching Nutley St. thanks to the branch off of the exit ramp. Here's the brand new correction.

Just a little bit more...

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