Sunday, July 23, 2017

Music Playlist Updated

After over a year of neglecting my YouTube music playlist, I've gone back to it and fixed it up.

What all needed changing?  Well, two videos were completely gone from the playlist.  Dunno where they went, but I found replacements.  The second one eluded me until the final sanity check.

Four more videos were either deleted or blocked by various copyright holders.  So I went and found replacements for them.

One had the end of the song cut off.  I'd known about this, but when I added that video to the playlist, it was basically the only option.  Now that some time has passed, there are other options for the complete song, so I did a little switcheroo.

And finally, the reason this bit of maintenance happened at all: I added a new video.

This kind of stuff is why I keep a master list of everything in the playlist.  It makes it dead simple to tell what got deleted or made private or whatever, so I can go find a replacement.

Anyway, link's over on the right just like always, enjoy.

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