Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fossil Fighters: Frontier - Quick Addendum

I can't believe I completely forgot to mention the game's StreetPass functionality.  It's actually really good.

Once you get past a certain point in the game, you gain access to a number of NPCs and other things to interact with.  One of them is a trainer that lets you train your Vivosaurs to get them experience and possibly level them up outside of combat.  You get two choices here:
  • Daily Training, which is cool because if you don't get a lot of StreetPasses with data for this game, it means you can still make use of the trainer.
  • StreetPass Training, where you can set a greeting and a single Vivosaur to send, and other people can train their Vivosaurs using yours (and vice versa).
Choosing the right Vivosaur to use for training is important, because if you choose one with an elemental advantage, it gets bonus points.  It's also far more advantageous to select a Vivosaur that's significantly below the level of the one you're training with, because it'll get more points than if the two are closer in level.  I fully recommend doing the Daily Training, because it lets your Vivosaurs train with each other.  Daily Training lets you train a maximum of 10 Vivosaurs, and while each StreetPass gives you one Vivosaur to train with, the game maxes out at 25 StreetPasses.

It's worth noting that the game decides when you can do Daily Training again by the clock on your 3DS, so maybe there's potential for an exploit if you keep changing your date.  Or maybe they thought of that, like how some games stop giving you daily things for a couple days if you change your system's date/time.

Now, since I use HomePass, for any game I can usually get a lot of StreetPasses to utilize their StreetPass functionality.  Even after HomePassing for several hours, two days in a row, I have yet to get a single Fossil Fighters: Frontier StreetPass that wasn't one of my 3DSes.  In comparison, I can easily max out the StreetPass queues for games like Bravely Default, Super Smash Bros., and even Ridge Racer 3D.  This is probably an indicator of the popularity of this game.

So, in summary, the game's StreetPass functionality is really good, but good luck getting the StreetPasses to fuel it.  Definitely make use of Daily Training, though.

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