Saturday, May 2, 2015

Unpopular Opinions

Smash Brothers was meant to be fun, not a competitive game.

Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda are good but overrated.

The only good Metroid games are the 2D ones.

It's a shame they never made any Castlevania games after Super Castlevania 4.

It's a shame they never made any Call of Duty games after Call of Duty 2.

Chrono Cross exists as a sequel to Chrono Trigger, and is good.

We need fewer survival crafting games.

We need fewer zombie survival games.

MOBAs are overrated.

Collectible Card Games are a waste of money.

Mobile phones aren't a gaming platform.

Mobile phones aren't a proper internet browsing platform.

JavaScript frameworks are for n00bs that don't know JavaScript.

systemd sucks, sysvinit was better.

The second half of Bravely Default wasn't horrible.  Pay attention to the story, you impatient clods!

Anime sucks now.  Everything is moeblobs, idol shit, and fanservice.  Where did the plot and story go?

The best consoles were the SNES and PS2.

Full Metal Panic?  Fumoffu was a good series.

What makes a car "fun to drive" is entirely subjective.

Sports cars are not objectively better than economy cars.

The speed limit is not just a suggestion, it's the law.

The left lane isn't "the fast lane", and has the same speed limit as the right lane.

Manual transmissions are not objectively better than automatic transmissions.

Function matters more than form.

Clothing fashion just leads to overpaying for clothing.

Experience says more about skills in a field than a degree or a GPA.

Natural teeth are too much of a chore to maintain and should just be replaced with dentures at a certain age.

Dentists are involved in a really big conflict of interest: there's such a large gap between the equipment in your dentist's office and your home dental equipment because if you could get all the dental care you needed at home, dentists would be out of a job.  Every new "advance" in toothbrush "technology" is nothing more than a gimmick to make you throw your money one way or another.

Nocturnal people have the right to a good day's sleep, and the accessibility of common goods and services at night.

Sports get too much attention and precedence over other things like local traffic.

Comic book movies are overrated.

Good music pretty much ceased to exist after 1999.  Good new artists are a dying breed.

Change for the sake of change is bad.

You should never buy things in the store of a free to play game.

Mayonnaise is nothing but empty calories and doesn't belong in every sandwich or hamburger ever.

Onions are overused.

Techno sucks.  I use "techno" as a general term to refer to all music created without requiring any musical talent from the artist, which so happens to include the vast majority of electronic music created from audio samples, on computers.  Chiptune is an exception.  Learn an instrument, people!

Horse racing is overrated.

FPSes were never meant to be played with a controller.

Arena FPSes where you can carry all the weapons and ammo ever are better than FPSes with two-weapon systems where all the weapons are almost identical.

Advertising is a privilege, not a right.

Fats, salts, sugars, and oils are overused.

Entertainment industry award shows are overrated.  They're just parties thrown by rich people, for rich people, so they can pat each other on the back.

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