Saturday, January 25, 2014


Predictably, I'm playing through Chrono Trigger again since acquiring a SNES and the cartridge of it at MAGFest.  Doing my standard tech point grind/overlevelling routine.  I'm currently in 65,000,000 BC with Ayla temporarily in the party just before we head into the Reptite Lair to get the Gate Key back.  Crono's almost got Luminaire (two runs left), Ayla's almost got Dino Tail (one run left, then she needs Triple Kick), and Robo's fairly close to Shock (7 runs left).

I'll probably hold off on getting techs for Lucca and Marle until I have Frog available.  At the current point in the story, Ayla can't be removed from the party, but if I get past it, I'll have two slots I can swap out rather than just one, and I'll get people's techs faster.  It does mean sacrificing the damage that Ayla provides, but...

Just in case you forgot (or I never mentioned it in the first place), the best tech point grinding spot I know of in the game at this point in the story is the Forest Maze in 65,000,000 BC.  From the world map through to the Reptite Lair, you get 36 tech points, and then going back through from the Reptite Lair to the world map you get 34 tech points, for a total of 70.  Then you go to the Ioka hut with the sweet water, replenish HP, and repeat.  If you're wondering, the two tech point difference is one Kilwala.  When you enter from the world map, the second battle is three Kilwalas, and when you enter from the Reptite Lair, that same battle (now second-to-last) is two Kilwalas.

I'll probably tack on my standard late game XP grind, charm some key items, and then grind up tabs for everyone just like I did on the PlayStation version, except this time it should go faster because no load times.

I haven't forgotten about Chrono Fever, but it has been on hiatus for a long time.  Debating about ignoring Radical Dreamers and going on to Chrono Cross.

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