Friday, September 23, 2011

Tell me about shit that involves me, OK?

Last summer, apparently, all sorts of stuff happened.  It was being talked about by everyone involved.  Yet I knew nothing about any of it until I heard about it after the fact and wasn't invited to anything.  My own summer was pretty boring.

Then yesterday, I found out for the very first time that apparently it had been planned to have a birthday celebration for one of our friends at a local alcohol-serving establishment.  Today.  A Friday.  When it would be crowded as fuck.  I would be needed to drive people.  The other person who has a car and can drive people wants nothing to do with it, because of a couple reasons, for which he was branded as a douchebag and that assigned as the reason.

So let me get this straight.  A birthday event has been planned for some time now that I'm just finding out that I'll have to drive people to less than 24 hours before it happens?  And if I say no I'll be branded a douchebag regardless of my reasoning?  Fuck that.

Friday is game night.  It's supposed to be fun.  I don't really find sitting in a cramped, presumably smelly bar on a Friday evening fun.

My friend's reasoning:
  • He doesn't want to be in a cramped, presumably smelly bar on a Friday evening.
  • The person celebrating their birthday is in fact his ex-girlfriend.
My reasoning:
  • Same thing about not wanting to be in a cramped, presumably smelly bar on a Friday evening.
  • Being told of an apparent obligation to drive people to an event that had been planned for a while less than 24 hours before having to drive people there.
  • The sheer amount of talking behind my friend's back about him after the fact.  This happens all the time anyway, about pretty much everyone.  I can only presume that shit's being talked about regarding me behind my back as well.  To attribute this to a reason, I give one simple word: females.
  • Since when does anyone ever pay me back for gas these days.
Fuck it, I'm joining a couple other friends for a suitably less cramped evening food experience.  If they want to call me a douchebag, fine, but it won't be true.

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