Monday, April 19, 2010

<insert title>

For <insert time frame>, I've been <insert activity>. It's pretty fun, but <insert drawback>. So to try and get around that, I've been <insert possible solution> for <insert approximate time spent searching for solution>.

I thought I'd found it, but <insert fatal flaw in possible solution>. <insert sentence explaining fatal flaw>. So for <insert time frame> I've been looking around for another way to do it.

Randomly browsing the internet <insert somewhat recent time frame>, I happened upon a/an <insert internet posting type> that made mention of <insert eventual solution>.

I <insert past-tense verb enabling me to use the solution (installed, ran, etc.)> it and right away, <insert reaction>. Not only does it remedy <insert issue>, but it also does <insert other useful things>.

<insert screenshot of solution>
<paragraph describing how to configure solution>

<paragraph orgasming about how useful the solution is>.

So overall, I'd have to say <insert overall statement>.

The verdict: <insert random rephrasing of "it's awesome">

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